Popular Science

With Special Guests: Jane Ira Bloom, Page Hamilton (Helmet), Gary Lucas

“I hear more than my share of weird and wonderful recordings these days, but M’lumbo stands alone. Unclassifiable, quirky, and pure fun, Popular Science is two hours of mind-altering goodness.  Highly recommended.”Avant Music News

“ M'Lumbo have done it again. You may hate it, you may love it, but it is not recommended that you ignore it--or them. They are sound arteests of the impossible combinations, avant behinds that jump ahead by making past pastiche a new futurism. And they are funny-serious, good god are they funny-serious! A very new take on how a band can blend freedom with tight arrangements, anarchy of means, and some excellent soloing. Page Hamilton, Gary Lucas and Jane Ira Bloom get to shine with brilliance, but the total gestalt is entirely M'Lumbo's and they are one-of-a-kind.”- Gapplegate Guitar and Bass Blog

“Among those who have had nice things to say about them in their history, you can number Matt Groening, Brian Eno, Carly Simon, Neil Young and Tom Waits. Those whom people are reminded of when listening to M’Lumbo are everyone from Sun Ra to Eno-Era Talking Heads, Bill Laswell and early Bonzo Dog Band. Lest you wonder why Jane Ira Bloom – possessor of the most beautiful soprano saxophone sound in all of jazz – is a guest star here, remember that Bloom is the musician laureate of NASA and this is definitely music on “the big blue marble” as it might be found on radio wave in outer space. Popular Science indeed. Quite nutty and great fun.”Jeff Simon , The Buffalo News

“This band is like an electro/acoustic psychedelic orchestra.Think cinema verite for your ears. If you've ever seen the painting of Jean-Michel Basquiat and other neo-expressionists you know what my mind sees when I'm listening to M'Lumbo. Some familiar images that are surrounded by washes of color in different intensities, patterns, and combinations. This should probably be filed under jazz but it is about nine times that. It is all quite amazing. An opportunity to hear something with each listen is guaranteed.“ -Ryan Good , Sea of Tranquility

“M’lumbo:Post-modern to a fault ,this brilliantly silly nine-piece jazz/funk/Afropop improverama grabs TV-show them and kitsch rock classics by the neck, then flings them about until they beg for mercy,”- R.Gehr, Village Voice

“O.K., I could tell you what this sounds like, but you might not believe me. It’s kind of jazz meets tribal music in an old carnival funhouse. It’s a wild ride through the sort of sounds that put you at the edge of your seat, ready to fall into the abyss at any moment… sound like fun?” Sound Choice

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