Celestial Mechanics Album Cover
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Celestial Mechanics

M'lumbo and Jane Ira Bloom

on Ropeadope Records

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Fairytale Aliens

M'lumbo and Page Hamilton

on Ropeadope Records

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Fairytale Aliens

M'Lumbo with Page Hamilton

M'lumbo as a trio with Keyboards, Saxophone and Helmet's leader on guitar on an explosive blend of post-industrial electronic rock.

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Mlumbo Live

M'Lumbo with Jane Ira Bloom

M'lumbo as a grand ensemble for a psychedelic electronic funk jazz experience.

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Robbie Ray Flateau:  Electronic Keyboards • Percussion • Ectoplasmic  Radio • Suitcase  Symphonetta • Voice
Paul-Alexandre Meurens:  Tenor Sax • Bass Clarinet • Electronic  Sound  Effects • Flutes • Programming
Page Hamilton:  Guitar
Jane Ira Bloom:  Soprano Sax
Cecil Young:  Trumpet • Percussion • Voice
Vin Veloso:  Alto & Soprano Sax • Piano • Flute
Brian O’Neill:  Guitar • Percussion • Ectoplasmic  Radio
Jaz Sawyer:  Drums
Dehran Duckworth:  Congas • Percussion • Voice
Jarek Szczyglak:  Laptop • Ectoplasmic Radio
Maureen O'Connor:  Congas • Percussion • Squeaky Toys