'Produkt' embraces the creation of art as yet another post-industrial assembly line creation.

 It celebrates the live performance as capturable, quantifiable, infinitely re-produceable commoddity.

Within our current societal mainframe, the medium is no longer the message. The product is the message, and the message is the product.
Memetic evolution has reached its event horizon. Holographic theory holds true, and every point in the universe DOES contain
within it all of the information of every other point. But ironically, it is utterly redundant.
Indra's Net has been overwhelmed/innundated with a cacophony of clever reutterances of the same base phrase...
'we have what you so desperately need'
We at m'lumbo emphatically agree with the logic at play.
 As such, we have assembled a mutlinational, multimedia Hive, capable of infiltrating and adapting at will to any demographic.
Our purpose is the same as every other provider of consumer goods, the subtle manipulation of the public's will.

This will be our eternity.
Genetic immortality is futile and meaningless.
Our products will outlive our solar system.

Each perfectly packaged propoganda message in a bottle adrift on the seas of time, each infinitely repeating our long dead voice. We give you what you so desperately need, the glass fish for the final fish bowl. In each installment of the Produkt Cycle, the audiovisual Hive takes the stage and performs.
 The Hive consists of artists, musicians and filmmakers playing traditional instruments while digitally triggering audio and video samples and electronically manipulating all signals in real time. A video crew in the audience records the Hive members, the films and the music as experienced from the perspective of the viewer. Onstage, a seperate video crew records the audience's experience.
A CB radio on stage broadcasts all audio on citzen's band channel 19 to be overheard by drivers of the truck fleet of society's product distribution network. Sculptures are placed throughout the venue. Each has a video monitor fitted with a carpet like fiber-optic latice pulling each pixel of color away from the screen to the end of the fiber to form a tactile, interactive version of the video signal. During an intermission, up to 50 blow-up dolls with video monitors for heads are wheeled out into the audience. Each monitor shows a recognizable media figure's face, edited to crudely say "Love Me" over and over until intermission ends and the dolls are wheeled away.

 At the conclusion of the performance, another Product has been completed.
 The entire experience is ready for packaging and shipping.
 Two hive members emerge from backstage carrying video monitors adorned with the Produkt logo and pakaging.
 One monitor plays the video recorded by the audience video crew, the other plays the one recorded by the stage crew.
They are placed on pedestals facing each other.

The Hive exits, the Produkt remains.

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