The Book Of Night Burning in a Garden of Ice
US version
".. ebbs and flows beautifully and even occasionnally looks to Miles Davis's Bitches Brew for inspiration, bas M'Lumbo create some haunted tracks that deliver upon the promise of the nineties ambient revival" -Bill Cohen AP,Alternative Press
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The Book Of Night Burning in a Garden of Ice (US version)
includes the video: The Heavens open and Angels Ascending , and free web building software(for PC)

"Might be the result if Henry Mancini, John Coltrane, and the Art Ensemble of Chicago were marooned together in a remote african outpost...takes the familiar and make the earth slides" -Margalit Fox( New York Newsday )
"Shifting shades of lightness to darkness and vice-versa, unvailing the complex-technical inner structure of the music. What is offered is a larger in-depht look into the minds of visionary sounds sculptures M'Lumbo" -Art ( Digital Artefact )
"With a splash of funky rythms as well a tribal beat a wonderfully noir-ish trumpet riff sources through the fog to create breath-taking juxtaposition. Added to this are some looped and distorded found-vocals that also help keep the albums coherent and fascinating. Dark and hallucinatory, sounds like what the phrase acid-jazz conjures up more than any of the music that conventionnal falls under that label" -THE ROCKET