Over One hour of some of the world's most beloved melodies,
Lovingly and thrillingly performed by the exotic and mysterious M'LUMBO !
Songs include: The Flinstones(swing version), I Love Lucy, Mission Impossible, the Mickey Mouse theme, the Alfred Hitchcock theme and more
Compact disc 80136-2
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Life After Death "It's Mickey Mouse, The Stamford University Marching Band, Santana and Syd Barrett rolled into one... borders on genius." -John Lewis, Baltimore City Paper
"Think you've heard enough of theme-show covers in your life? Well, make room for at least one more. There's no comparing M'lumbo's covers to anything you've heard before. The ellusive M'lumbo cats use recognizable themes(Alfred Hitchcock, Goldfinger) as the launchiong pads for some of the wildest interpretations and exotic improvisations this side of Sun Ra. Stepping back to quotes a melody or refrain to refresh the listeners's memory before taking them on another warped trip through moaning brass, African percussion, Dub beats, and back-alley jazz debauchery" -Steve Ciabattoni
CMJ Jackpot!
"If I hadn't heard this I wouldn't have believed it.This crazy gem of a release skit-scats all over the musical spectrum in a hyperactive-inspired burst of creativity and rhythm." ?Carol Schutzbank B-SIDE
"M'Lumbo's own interjections decisively win over the listener.M'Lumbo adapts very white forms of musical culture to an African-American setting.The humor is presented in a tastefully off-hand manner that ultimately makes m'lumbo a subject of genuine curiosity"-d.n.i MAGNET