One hour of some of the world's most beloved melodies,
Lovingly and thrillingly performed by the exotic and mysterious M'LUMBO !
Songs include: The Lion Sleeps tonight, Norwegian Wood, The Flinstones and more
stereo cassette-MD 101
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Relaxin' with M'Lumbo
"Pomo to a fault, this brilliantly silly seven-piece jazz/funk/afropop improvarama grabs TV-shows themes(e.g.,The Flinstones, Alfred Hitchcock, Hawai Five-0) and kitsch rock classics(e.g.,"In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida," "The Lion Sleeps tonight," "Norwegian Wood") by neck, then flings them about until they beg for mercy."
-Richard Gehr (Village Voice)
"Relaxin' with M'Lumbo" "Hiding behind a veil of pseudonymity, this seven-piece puts togheter music with definate African beats, wild horns and tribal percussion--based on modern music. It's not highbrow stuff,either; the theme from "The magnificient Seven","The Flinstones","Norwegian Wood" form the basis for trhee tracks here,It all comes together much better than you could imagine, being both familiar and alien at once, and leading to wild musical dream."-"Mike Gunderloy"(Factsheet Five)
"Every so often, you find something new that delivers unexpected zaniness that WILL transport you to M'Lumbo own private's twilight zone."--Larry Katz (The Boston Herald)